Review: Light, Fruity and Wallet-Friendly Butterfly Kiss Wines are sure to please!

I recently had the opportunity to review a new line of tasty wines called Butterfly Kiss. This wine brand was announced in November by Diageo Chateau & Estate Wines. The wine celebrates taking time to embrace moments of well-deserved ‘me’ time and they encourage women to take a moment to unwind and enjoy time with friends and family. What’s not to love from the get-go? 

Their four varietals are the perfect assortment for when you’re planning a soiree and want to provide quality offerings without going overboard on cost. Even my husband appreciated the light and refreshing nature of these even though he prefers dry and bold wines (yuck… for me, at least. :) If you can relate to this, then you’ll really enjoy these!

While I enjoyed them all, I REALLY favored the Moscato. It was light, sweet (but not overkill) and had tender bubbles. It did not have that “syrupy” aftertaste that so many other Moscato’s have and I simply had to have a second glass. It was so delicious with an after-dinner chocolate… or two.  


Butterfly Kiss currently features four lively, bright varietals… all for under $12!!!

  • PINOT GRIGIO – a delicate, light wine showing kisses of citrus and ripe pear.
  • CHARDONNAY – features lush, tropical fruit flavors, kissed by a touch of vanilla.
  • MOSCATO – a lovely, well-balanced sweet white wine loaded with stone fruit and citrus.
  • PINK PINOT GRIGIO – a rosé-styled wine showing lively flavors of strawberry shortcake and bright citrus.

To learn more about the new Butterfly Kiss wines, visit

Here are some Butterfly Kiss inspired wine cocktail recipes that are the perfect way to sweeten up any menu – 

Lively Up

3 oz Butterfly Kiss™ Pink Pinot Grigio

0.5 oz Black raspberry liqueur

1.5 oz Sour mix

Splash of lemon-lime soda

Garnish: Cherry

Build in a wine glass over ice. Stir.

Wonder Kiss

3 oz Butterfly Kiss™ Chardonnay

0.5 Smirnoff® vanilla flavored vodka

1 oz Sour mix

Splash of cola

Garnish: Cherry

Build in a wine glass over ice. Stir.


Disclosure: I did receive samples of the products reviewed however the opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Can you tell me where I can purchase this wine Butterfly Kiss Moscato? I went to the NH Liquor store & they did not carry it.

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